New heaters for main pool at Legacy Dunes

March 14, 2015 by Jorge Martelanz No Comment

The long awaited Legacy Dunes Resort improvement is here. This month, March 2015, two heat pumps were installed in the main pool to work together with the existing solar panels to raise the water temperature during the cooler months of the year.
As one of our guests said: “My son and I were in last night around 9 pm and the water was beautiful – quite warm – in fact, warmer than the air which was cooling off. The pool was 83 degrees today when we were in it. When I looked at the thermometer earlier in the week (around 7 oclock or so ) the temperature was 85. Perfect temperature both times.” (Joanne – March 2015).Legacy_Disney_Condo_Pool_Heat_Pumps_2015_03_14

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