Come to Legacy Disney Condo and enjoy Florida golf

April 27, 2015 by Jorge Martelanz No Comment

Recently we had the pleasure to have Joanne and Gord as our guests in Legacy Disney Condo. As they came to Florida for some golf, I asked them for some recommendation on golf courses near to our condo. They not came back with a list of courses, but with a complete report! Thanks Joanne and Gord! Here is their report:
“We usually look for nice courses that are a reasonable price. We really like King’s Ridge Golf Course that is up Hwy 27 not too far from your Condo. We like their Ridge course when we first arrive as it is an executive par 3 (shorter holes with a couple of longer ones thrown in) but it is actually very scenic and quite tricky. It is a good one to warm up on when you haven’t played in a while. We actually played it twice this year when we were down. We also played the King’s Course there (both this year and others). It is a longer (regulation) golf course and we like it as well. Both courses are in a gated community up hwy 27. We have also played Palisades Golf Course on hwy 27. It is a longer course still, but in good shape and we enjoyed it as well. The Orange Lake Resort Golf Courses (I think there are 3) are VERY close to the condo on Hwy 192 (near Publix). We have not played them yet – I think they are a little more expensive but are quite nice. There are also a number of courses in Disney that we have heard are very nice (again a little more expensive). For people who don’t mind travelling a little further, there are 2 really nice courses up near Mount Dora: the Deer Island Golf – which we have played twice in the past and is one of our favorites. It is on an Island near Mount Dora and is a game preserve I think – we saw lots of birds and alligators on this course, and I believe a large turtle as well (we saw a huge turtle on the green at Mount Dora G & C Golf Course this year as well). Mystic Dunes on Old Wilson Road is a nice course as well but it is VERY expensive (we only play there if we get a deal somewhere)
There are definitely lots of good courses around the area. We generally look on the internet before we go to see if we can find some good deals!!
Joanne and Gord”

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