Swimming Pools

My son and I were in last night around 9 pm and the water was beautiful - quite warm - in fact, warmer than the air which was cooling off. The pool was 83 degrees today when we were in it. When I looked at the thermometer earlier in the week (around 7 oclock or so ) the temperature was 85. Perfect temperature both times

Joanne (Stayed March 2015)

All the family can enjoy the Legacy Dunes swimming pools. The beach type entry of the main pool is ideal for the younger members and also for the elders too, while the dual heating (heat pump plus solar panels) will take the chill out of the water in the colder months of the year.

  • Two swimming pools
  • Main pool with zero entry (beach type)
  • Heat pump and solar panels heating for the main pool
  • Second pool close to the B-B-Q area and the Playground
  • Tropical style surroundings to get the tan of the islands