The owners

Once we read that Disney is part of the American culture. We think is more than that, millions of kids all around the world grew up watching Disney cartoons. We were among them.

We only had the chance to visit Walt Disney World for the first time when we were already adults, but it was like become children again. We know these words are not too original, but this is the plain truth: you go there and you feel the same joy in your hart as you felt so many (well… not so many) years ago.

Our sons were more lucky, they start coming to Florida very young and now they still travel with us for more family fun together. They learned to love the Disney characters and also the thrill of the roller coasters (not for us, thanks!). Now we are counting the days for coming with our first granddaughter.

Since our first trips to Orlando, we always wanted to own a vacation home here, and now that we were able to make our dream a reality, we want to share our second home so you can also fall in love with this magic place.

Nowadays is not just Disney World, you have Universal Studios, Sea World, many water parks and other attractions that structure a very wide offering of entertainment for the whole family.

We also love to cruise, and Orlando is close to some of the busiest cruising ports, Miami and Fort Lauderdale. This allow us to combine the best of both worlds in a single two week vacation: One week for parks in Orlando and the next in a cruise.

We visited Legacy Dunes in 2011 for the first time, and since that day, we knew that will be the place where we will buy our condo. In addition to the location-location-location, we were captured by the nice distribution of the rooms, the good job the Association performs maintaining the place at the highest standards and how safe we feel in this gated community.

We give you the warmest welcome to Legacy Disney Condo, and we hope to have you and your family as our guests in the near future.


Proud owners